Kek Lok Si, Header

Kek Lok Si, Header

I took this picture almost 2 years ago in a period of transition. I had just resigned from a challenging yet unbearable job in Singapore and was getting ready to get back to Europe. But first I had offered myself 10days of holidays. Alone. Traveling in Malaysia.

This was just what I needed. The Sun. The Beach. The Food. And the Culture.

I took the picture at Kek Lok Si, the largest Buddhist temple on the island of  Penang. I had gone there by bus, not knowing what to expect and was blown away by the beauty and the peacefulness of the place. I made sure to take lots of picture as I wanted to share my adventure with I. . I can remember the weird experience there. I was already imagining what I would tell him about it. How I would comment the picture I had just taken and be able to make him ‘feel’ the place the way I had. And of course I also was thinking that we should come back again one day, together.

I like to think that I knew that these were privileged moments. The carefree holiday before a new chapter in my life. A chapter I knew was what I wanted. I think I *knew* because this wasn’t my first time. I had done almost the same king of pilgrimage a few years back when living in Bali. I did a road trip by myself before going back to Europe. To my love one.

I wish, that this new chapter in my life could have such calm beginning. I wish I’d go to do a pilgrimage in Asia. And that I’d have  some (*a*) loved one to go back to.

Not this time though. This is the first time in a long time that I keep on my path alone. No one to use as a beacon to know if I am too much, too unrealistic, too unreasonable.

Shit, I swear: as soon as I can, I will go again on a pilgrimage. Alone. And that will be just enough.

(listening to: Don’t forget me, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Kek Lok Si, buddha

Kek Lok Si, buddha


Kuan Yin statue


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