I have always loved watching tv as a kid and later as a teenager. It used to drive my mum crazy and she would bug me to go out play in the garden (what?!?). I guess this is indeed pretty usual.

But over the year I stopped being glue to my tv screen and spent more time on my laptop. Browsing and all. Oh and also going out of the house to take nice walk on the lake side!

One little pleasure I didn’t quit is to watch tv show.

Here is a small list of why I enjoy it:

  1. its length: nowadays I don’t necessary have the time to watch a full movie. So a tv show is perfect for a short break
  2. its content: I am just blown away by the imagination that gets into tv shows these days
  3. the continuity: I like to get familiar with the characters and root for them
  4. the novelty: there is always something new happening. I think it’s much more varied than some movie where only one theme is explored (at length!)
  5. Finally it’s a calory-free pleasure 🙂




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