Love memory

So there is this guy. Or I should say this amazing man.

When I first met him, it was very casual. So when I  realized I had feeling for him, it  swept me out of my feet. I guess I will tell more about our love story in another post.

This posts is about grief. Of what has been. Of what isn’t anymore. Every moment I spent with this guy were so precious. I haven’t got regrets if you are wondering. Because I lived every minute of it fully, without holding back. I totally lived in the present, with no expectation for the future. It was like being in the flow. I kept wondering how on earth could we both get so lucky that we had found each other. At this moment. In this place.

And now I grieve because what was given to me as an unexpected gift just got taken away. One day he was telling he loved me. And the next he shot me off. And never opened up again. Until it hurt so much. To cry in my bed every night because of him. Because I needed him and he couldn’t/wasn’t here for me.

I was the one ending it. I even asked him not to contact me again. No contact. Full STOP.

But I still love him. I still miss him. I still hurt.


To this man:

To the amazing ma IMG00764-20130323-1656


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