Fit for purpose

I have started a new job almost 2 month ago ant it has been great.

However this time I am more aware than ever than the novelty will wear off soon and the last thing I want is to wake up one morning realizing it actually sucks and dreading to go to the office.

So in a proactive way I have been trying to keep in mind the big picture aka it’s not so much about the job (the tasks) itself but how it helps me develop myself personally and professionally. I am also trying to get input from people about situation where I am uncertain of what I should be doing. And doing so trying to avoid the trap: ‘Well, I will just do what I am told and not think about it’.

One of these mentors pointed out a very important aspect of my job and I think of everybody’s job:

No matter what you have been asked to do and the output you got related to it: before asking yourself if it’s good, first ask if this is fit for purpose.

Well in my head it just made ¨dinga dinga ding!¨.

You see am not often satisfied with my outputs. While producing it, I usually rationalize that it’s because of time pressure. Afterwards, I am still unsatisfied and promised myself that next time I will  do better OR worse I just self-depreciate myself (I suck and I hope nobody will notice it). But truth is my output ALWAYS is fit to purpose. I just happen to have very high standard…

‘Dinga dinga ding’

You know all this times, where I find that other people’s output is ‘a joke’. Like it’s of so bad quality and they get away with it… And more, they actually are confident about their performance (and I’m not talking about fake confidence although that certainly gets onto the mix): maybe they just have figured it out. They know what is expected from them. And this is to produce fit to purpose contents. Sure once in a while they will produce better material and that will be their time to shine. But the rest of the time they just cut themselves a break. Hell, they might even decide NOT to go the extra mile once they reach the level of quality they wish for.

This, my friends, has been liberating to me.

It’s actually not what my mentor said but that the conclusion I have drowned from it and this is so valuable.

In any case if you have had similar insights, please share them in the comments. I would love to hear from you and get all ‘dinga dinga ding’ again!


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