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photo by Dell's Official Flickr

photo by Dell’s Official Flickr

I might just have had a haha moment.

I have been thinking for a few weeks now, how I am single for the first time in 8 years and that I will need to start dating again.

Well this is daunting…

But tonight it hit me that dating has a lot of similarities with some very particular aspects of job hunting on which I am an expert:

  • Networking– I made a quick mental check in my head and it turns out I will most probably need to meet new people to have a chance to find a date-able candidate. Luckily through professional networking I am very at ease at starting small talks with strangers.
  • Stating my interest– I could have said ‘send your application’ which is the medium you use while job hunting. In this case, if the other one doesn’t make the first move, I am totally ready to do so by sending him an email/sms.
  • Asking for a meeting– Or a drink on a terrasse of a lovely café with sunset.
  • Put most fitted clothes– Clothes that would make the best first impression so that I’d be wanted…. hard….
  • Attend meeting– go on a date – and not say stupid things when asked stuff.
  • Accept rejection– I am actually thinking of putting this one up in the list. I think it is a very good acquired skill to realize that if the other isn’t interested in you, you aren’t the problem and shouldn’t take it personally even when you have said stupid stuff that made you looked ridiculous. And also always remember that it is their losses not mine…


I am so witty, I should probably add this to my DArING  RESUME!


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Yesterday I went to a career workshop aimed at women ‘in transition’ professionally. I really had a good time as it was nice to engage in a social activity and meet new people who in this case are in a similar situation than mine. The facilitator did a fantastic job at putting us at ease and to guide the conversation without monopolizing it.

There are two things I will in particular remember:

  • I love the vocabulary used around our situation. To say for example that we are ‘in transition’ instead of unemployed. Also all of us used the expression ‘Then– life happened’ as a way to put some non-drama around our story and the reasons why we are now looking for new job opportunities. In my case I found it on one side particularly fitting and on the other way totally wrong as I know I didn’t let life happened to me. I took the reins and some pretty tough decision. And here I am.
  • We did two warm-up exercise. The first one was around our doubts and fears. The second around our desires and dreams. For the second one,  all sentences had to start with ‘I want’. Here is my list:

I want to stay close to my values
I want change
I want flexibility
I want independence
I want connection
I want recognition
I want my life to turn around sharing/connection and love ❤
I want to be someday a ‘job-provider’ or a ‘help-provider’—> before that I want a good enough job.

(listening to: Herman Düne – Giants)


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